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TheraNow is one of the initial companies providing tele-rehab, which is a growing and technologically advanced and evolved field in the healthcare sector. It has a very promising future, and unlike other jobs, our providers, the physical therapists do not have to be physical present at our locations to treat their patients. This saves a lot of time, enabling care for more patients than possible in a conventional treatment setting. This means higher income with lesser hassles of driving. The only thing that matters is the quality of treatment we offer to our patients and that is non-negotiable.

However, TheraNow is not meant only for our physical therapists. If you are looking for a career option in the administration or accounts, TheraNow is a good company to work with, as we are very employee friendly, and believe in the enhancement of skills for our employees at work, apart from your regular work duties. Come and join TheraNow today, contribute to our journey to success, and we shall take care of your professional development.

Opening job positions

  • Role: Physical Therapy treatment through Tele-Rehab
  • Exp: 3 Years and above
  • No. Of Openings: 5
  • City: New York
  • Job Description:

    At TheraNow, we’re not only changing the way physical therapy is provided, but also the way the world thinks about it. By working together and pushing forward with innovation, skills and technology, we’re driving excellence and improving outcomes. Join us and make a difference every day.

    TheraNow is seeking to hire Physical Therapists (PT) licensed to work in New York, to join our exceptional team. At TheraNow, we offer world class training including the latest aspects of Tele-Rehab, focusing on opportunities to develop innovative, therapeutic programs for each of our patients. Attention to detail and individualized care is what our therapists provide with each interaction. Strong clinical skills and dedication are required.

    Job Duties Include but are not limited to:

    • Providing quality physical therapy services to patients utilizing evidence-based therapeutic interventions in addition to creative and patient specific treatment techniques through tele-rehab model
    • Carefully and compassionately observing the patient’s problems, to ensure that optimal patient care is achieved throughout the entire episode
    • Documenting all activities and interactions with the patient, completing notes, and maintaining statistical records per physical therapy and telerehab guidelines
    • Carefully applying knowledge base and expertise to develop customized home exercise programs for the patients as per their medical needs

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • New York State License is required
    • Basic knowledge of computer use

    provider registration

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