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Why Tele-rehabilitation

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Why Tele-Rehabilitation

Tele-Rehab is the latest advancement in the field of healthcare, and is already acting as a blessing to the patients. It is a very evolved healthcare delivery system in which a patient can avail rehabilitation by a certified and skilled provider (physical therapist) over a secure one-on-one video call. Tele-Rehab is a form of Tele-Health, quite similar to another form known as Tele-Medicine, which has already proved very helpful for patients, who take online medical consultations, over the past couple of years.

If we look closely at the advantages over the conventional healthcare delivery model, we will have a very clear answer to “why telerehab?”

Effective, Convenient, Easy on Pocket

So let’s discuss all the aspects here. We all know about the rising medical expenses. It becomes all the more difficult when we have to deal with the insurance companies, be it for approvals or for the claims. Even if we have approval by the insurance, getting a doctor’s appointment in a timely manner is another nightmare due to the waiting time. Now, on the personal front, we have very busy lives, and taking time out even for our own health (one of the most important aspects of life) becomes difficult. And the answer to all these problems is telerehab.

TheraNow offers cash based tele-rehab services. This ensures timely treatment of your medical condition at a very low cost. You can avail our tele-rehab services (physical therapy treatment) right from the comfort of your home or office at any time that suits your routine. So no more waiting for any insurance approval, driving all the way to the physical therapy facility, or waiting in long queues at the provider’s office. Just log in to your account, choose your physical therapy provider, book an appointment according to the available schedule, and you are done. Experience effective treatment through our secure one-on-one video call with the provider of your choice. And all this, at a price that may even be lesser than your insurance co-pay.

However, we need to remember that tele-rehab is not a replacement to your conventional physical therapy treatment. This means, in some of the cases, your medical condition may not be suitable to treat with tele-rehab and you may be required to visit your physical therapist.

It is clear now which form of treatment we would like to go for, and tele-rehab stands out for the benefits it offers. Choose tele-rehab, choose health at your own convenience.

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